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One of the most common weekday rituals is pouring a nice cup of coffee in the morning while getting ready for work.  More often than not, you’ll take that cup of coffee with you on your way to work to sip along the way.   As some commutes can be quite long, you’ll need a thermal coffee mug to keep your piping hot coffee from becoming lukewarm or cold.

Thermal coffee mugs can be made of plastic, stainless steel, glass or ceramics.  As most people use their thermal coffee mugs on the go (they're commonly called travel mugs), plastic and stainless steel models are the most common as they are more durable.

Nearly all thermal mugs have double walls with air or another material between the walls.  This prevents the conduction of heat from the coffee (or other beverage) to the cooler outside wall and keeps the liquid warm for a much longer time.

Steel thermal coffee mugs are usually a bit more expensive, but are generally better for a number of reasons.  Plastic tends to retain flavors, even after being washed.  This isn’t that important if you’re going to be using the mug for the same beverage every day (coffee for instance), but if you are using it for different beverages, it can change the taste slightly.  Stainless steel doesn’t have this problem.  Stainless steel is also more durable than plastic, and will last longer than a plastic mug.  Stainless steel thermal coffee mugs are also often better made, and will keep your beverage warm for a longer time.  Plastic thermal coffee mugs are less expensive, and if you lose your mug often, they can be a better deal in the long run.

Even if you don’t make your coffee at home, but buy a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop on the way to work, a thermal mug can still be useful.  Many coffee shops give a discount to people bringing in their own mugs and a good thermal mug will keep your coffee warm longer than a cheaper Styrofoam or paper cup.  You’re even helping the environment by not throwing out a paper cup every day!

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